Your Three Creative Worldviews

Imagine seeds lined up on a surreal and infinite playground, celestial sparks of joy emitted from children’s voices, music and hues so vivid they defy word.

Each spark falls, holding its intention of light, its three Creative World Views set onto our earthly playground. Landing, the spark becomes aware there are poles of existence:

air versus earth,

north versus south,

love versus fear,

dark versus light.

The spark must learn these poles of resistance to generate and transform its energy, to keep its light, it’s intention, it’s Creative World View.

So you plop down to earth and take root, your senses absorbing the world around you. You struggle to take it all in, to begin using your mind to make sense of it all.

Around your second birthday, you discover this game called Life has a whole different set of Rules than the three you received.  And in your own unique way, you pick up a new set of unchangeable Rules, your six Parental World Views.

And so the battle of the Six Words begins between the lifeline to riches bestowed by your Creative World Views and those that test you, your Parental World Views.