Your Life’s Hidden Rules


What’s holding you back?


Answer these 12 questions and find out 

Which do you most agree with:
My inner housekeeping team is most likely to use:
Which most represents the inside of your mind:
Which piece of construction equipment best reflects your response to self-improvement:
Let’s talk music. Which 70’s band most encapsulates how you go after life:
And on the same theme, which 80’s song title best describes how you work your magic in life:
In building your life, are you more:
Which tool best describes your approach to accepting responsibility for your mistakes:
Life may toss a few unexpected challenges my way and when it does, I tune into:
Which do you agree with more:
There’s a famous talk host in my brain and it resembles:
How would you describe your approach to self-improvement:

Your rules aren’t meant to be interpreted literally, though some work that way. My rule of Be Nice, has at times, let people walk all over me.

It takes Kathryn Winslow a lifetime to figure out her Rules have deceived her all-knowing voice within.