About the Author

I never aspired to be a writer. I even wrote in my journal in 2012 that I would never write a novel. That said, anything in life is possible. It’s all divine.

In 1985, I was a marketing major in college working full-time at a data processing center. My plans were to live in NYC and run an art gallery. I got distracted.

So here I am with a corporate career behind me, a husband, two kids, four cats and one dog. We have an extended family of squirrels including Hoover, Dyson and Kirby who clamor to the front porch each morning with Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty (the chipmunks). They feast on shelled walnuts and sunflower seeds as I write.  Birds of all types swarm in but there’s no quarreling. It’s inspiration.

Fred has a slight weight issue. He can pack an entire bag of shelled walnuts in those furry cheeks of his. The cats are in awe of Fred’s appetizing size and place bets on who is going to make it out the front door and into Fred’s abode under the porch.

Our Maine Coon, Bella (my daughter is a Twilight fan) has caught Fred and brought him in on occasion. His panicked scurry across the wood floor has calmed over the years. He has strategically located the best of hiding spots under the sofa. The cats know the drill to help him escape, reluctant to be herded into my office and behind closed doors. Smudge marks line the window where their wet little noses have pressed, drool cascading from their jowls, eyes narrowed as Fred leaps to his escape. He’s always grateful to leave. I don’t take it personally. The cats do.

There’s a voice behind our thoughts. It whispered but I didn’t listen

But then I was catapulted into action

Who is the thinker behind the thoughts?