About the Characters

Like the rest of us, each character has a unique Creative and Parental World Views/Rules.  It’s what makes this series SO much fun!  Unfortunately, no one is safe around me as I tend to wonder about the Rules of everyone I meet. It’s fuel for the creative fires…and some truly outrageous characters.


Like all of us, Kathryn’s battles in life are framed by her unique outlook and covert set of Rules. What she wants in life is tested by souls and circumstances marched into her sphere to turn her world upside-down, to teach.

Exuberantly introverted, Kathryn Winslow is rebelling against the parents and Rules that squash her innate gifts and all things sparkly in life. The Chosen One for something the word desperately needs, she just can’t figure out what it is.  But she must escape the prison of her current job if she’s ever to find out.  Unable to hear the omniscient Creative Voice inside, distraction and cellular entrepreneur James Leighton steps on her path.

Kathryn’s epic battles with all the Rules will lay blood or blossoms on the paths of those who cross her on her karmic journey of souls revealing the sacred plan and secrets behind what once was a patriarchal world, to teach us how to hear with clarity, our uniquely Divine yet allusive, Creative Voice.


The most disciplined of the world hold James’ emotional austerity in awe.  James makes the rules, confounding the Chosen One’s who are determined to know how he exposes other’s mysteries while artfully concealing his.

Blind to the obvious and intentionally unattached, James Leighton’s BSL cellular start-up is quickly becoming a leader in the booming communications world. Succumbing to the insistence of his business partner Hugh to stop in Chicago on their way back to London to investigate a deal James refuses to consider, the doors a small café open to show him grace, Venns of time rewoven to heal a broken soul.

James is forced to change his iron-clad Rules to know the American who, through fate or folly, has woken what has lain restless and dormant inside, leading him to a secret societal network and insights into mysterious Universal Codes and communication Systems.

Desire is on the thread of one’s personal wheel and we are all the Chosen Ones to manifest its greatest potential.  In our world, the guise of separate bodies and actions is a simple test between the choice to be or to not, to manifest or acquiesce, to succumb to distraction or the Divine, to take hold of allusion or delusion, and to be deceived by what is illusive or to know what is illustrative.  Like so many, James’ Worldview is the law in this classic battle between choice versus Voice in all the Rules, slaying those that began a Brotherhood.


An overzealous soul who didn’t read the signs before dropping in on earth, Charlotte refuses to abide by the system.

But aristocracy taunts her view, landing her in oceans of hot water with her boss Mr. Leighton who refuses to acknowledge the powers for upheaval that Charlotte holds.

Newly planted in London, Kathryn returns to Charlotte’s hold to repay her karmic debt. But Karmic seeds planted in previous lives, Charlotte struggles to escape the chicanery of Society’s Rules. Their world views in black and white, one thing is for certain, had Charlotte been born a Princess like Kathryn, she’d be a master again, no scattered course or humiliation on life’s playground.

Charlotte knows she’s here to heal wounds that have festered in blood-drenched centuries and souls of lifetimes. There are secrets in the harmonics of the Universal sets.  We must listen with integrity.  How can we employ the Universal Rules to win freedom from and heal Society’s Rules, archaic systems built when the world operated by a such a different worldview?

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is missing a Princess’ view.


Super Heroes and their powers don’t always work well together.

Hugh’s iron-clad intuition and Henry’s six-pack mind at war for lifetimes, James Leighton and Sun Tzu roll their eyes, exasperated at the boyish antics both use to be the Chosen One. Hugh wants to be Society’s Chosen One, glorified for his growth of BSL and as James’ true and only right arm, the hero that James is to him.

Reaping a karmic harvest from lives past, Hugh wants to heal the loneliness and isolation in James’ soul, unfinished business of Universal threads severed by Love’s cruel blow.

But lessons brought forward bear repeating.  Hugh’s decisions force him to remove the mask of manhood he’s worn over the years and to be accountable to the truth of his decisions.  His greed was delusional, fed by the Rules of Brotherhood.

Hugh knows his Creative Gift but his Voice frequently falls victim.  Rules of the Brotherhood bring both shame and joy, but doing what’s right doesn’t guarantee either.


Beth is expert at the game of Life, critiquing and directing the moves of others who haven’t a clue, like Kathryn. Guilt as her debtor, Beth vows to repay Kathryn for the torment her sisters inflicted.

Kathryn’s roommate Beth is the bucket of cold water Kathryn needs to kick Elaine and Bracket to the curb, and get some real perspective on her true gift of finding a man. The hocus-pocus of Kathryn’s Creative Voice fantasy is just fear in the face of reality.  Society chooses its Chosen Ones, but we can all dress the part by following the Sisterhood’s Rules, and lead a mirrored life that cover the truths of others.

But its Beth who learns that fear affects the integrity of one’s Creative Voice. What role does Society play in healing the Creative Voice, and how do we overcome the Sisterhood’s controls to keep us subservient?


Scott’s goal is a life of raucous joy befitting his Worldview and luck follows him, begging for more.  He may be a Brother, but he’ll be denied until he learns Rules of a more Creative, womanly approach.

Scott is a Chosen One born into a battle of Universal laws.  Using his Creative Gift but unaware of his hidden Rules, his can’t understand Kathryn’s hold on him.  Befriending Kathryn’s arch enemy Sloane is a Brotherhood’s style, but Scott can’t fathom the intricate maps and karmic history that will unwind with his choices.

And unfortunately for Scott, Sloane’s membership to the Sisterhood is by design this time around, paralyzing him and humbling the luck that used to hang on his heels.  Scott confuses the Creative Voice with desire, like many Brothers do.  His internal battle with the Rules of the Sisterhood will lead him to know his Creative Voice, but the sacrifices are beyond what any Brother can bare.


Does suffering and persecution bring divine reward? James’ mother Caroline knew her Creative Gift from the earliest of childhood memories. Ripped out of her creative womb and into war-torn world of Germany, Caroline is separated from her family and thrust into a universal battle, a Chosen One not fitting.

Her brother with Downs Syndrome killed by Hitler, her father and other brother deceive the family, Caroline at 14 took shelter with a group of women running a soldier’s house on the outskirts of Bergen Belson, women risking their lives in defense of the Universal Rules.

But Caroline suffers unbelievable abuse and tragedy at the hands of the soldiers who visit.  How do you reconstruct your life when you see and experience the cruel manifestation of Society’s and the Universe’s Rules?


James’ father William knew as a boy but the war called, opening his eyes to expand the reach of his Gift beyond what he could see.

William comes from a privileged background and is at Oxford when called to serve in WWII.  He quickly rises in the ranks and meets Samuel who, under the protection of the Colonel, is grateful for William’s arrival.  Under William’s wing, Samuel learns many lessons to help him fit with his role in the Rothschild family.  But William’s loyalty is tested by Samuel’s needs, his wife Caroline’s ideals and by Society’s judgments. But Universal rules rip her away from him and devastated, he struggles to rebuild his trust.

Life presents challenge after challenge to grow love in the face of horror and societal, universal adversity.  How do men grow love when under the austere rules of the Brotherhood?


James’ sister Louisa absolutely detests Kathryn.

Louisa’s world of Bible verses are lush grounds for transforming the wicked pests and unenlightened who splatter the windows to her universe.  But following Society’s rules and those of her church, Louisa battles her Creative Voice with tight-lipped British grit.

The endless suffering of her life and bearing the weight of the torch to civilize those blinded by opulence will win her the divine points she needs to declare the victory that lesser men couldn’t find. Kathryn is on her path for reason.

But Louisa is challenging the wrong authority; the Creative Voice exists outside of societal structures that cast shadowed walls of security.  You don’t push Creativity.

Louisa’s goal is to define her space in the history books as a Chosen One on the Universal Rules. The IDEA school illustrates how to break free of Society’s moral Morse Code and grow love through how we intellectually nurture all the Chosen Ones, healing Society’s Rules and the Education system.


Hard at work on her scattered plan, Audrey is on her way and her accomplishments published for all to see, but leaving out a few critical details.

Kathryn’s envious eyes behold Audrey’s fall into a dream-like existence. Chosen One’s must have the right attitude in life to figure out it’s mysteries, to win the prize of Master-ette of the Universe.

Audrey’s strategic hopscotch fight for her power is laid upon logic and reason, picking apart the details of her subconscious rumblings.  She’s caught in a war as old as time but not necessarily between men and women. The Universe holds a secret language that we must all employ to master our personal wheel, to eliminate Society’s filter to commune with the Creative Voice.

Audrey’s goal is to validate her Worldview with her Creative Voice.   Audrey ponders the Rules of Curiosity, the equation:  Society’s PWV’s + Logic = Opinions – CWV’s = X


There are children who judge their parents and parents who judge their children.  One was never sure with Arianna as to who truly held the Rule book.  But Society as her new playground, this solicitor turned barrister will write her own.

Exuberant Joy is the secret ingredient of jealousy and Arianna is a Chosen One with more exuberant determination to win than anyone else.  Armed with an air force of opinions and societal connections, Arianna can see through the illusion of happiness in those less than her.

One doesn’t need a Creative Gift. We’re here to serve others and some of us are just more capable.  But Arianna’s reasoning and her pioneering avoidance techniques can’t fend off delusion or the Creative Voice forcing her into humiliating public hangings.

The Rules of Judgment are harsh and have no face in Creativity; judgment is a human condition.  Arianna has all of life’s answers, but none of the Exuberant Joy.


Born with watchful eyes, the delivery room doctor debated putting Bronwyn back in.  But making it through childhood wasn’t to test enough. Her doctorate in hand, life has other tests in mind.

Bronwyn knows the Universal rules but damn-it, people just keep pissing her off, like that twit Sloane. They’ve all fallen blind to what this battle is about and to society’s all-star play where people keep acting like bloody robots.  The ignorant need to change their views, pay their subconscious debts to destiny and follow to the Rules she’s known and mastered.

Impressed, Bronwyn won’t allow Louisa, Sloane, Arianna or Audrey to tamper or destroy what she sees in Kathryn.  She holds is the universal answers to what Bronwyn and the Colonel know are the keys to manipulating human behavior outside of Society’s rules to manifest a more perfect world.

Bronwyn and Kathryn will pen The Art of Maneuvers in Society’s and the Universe’s Rules, revealing the divine roles of nations, the seven continents fed by the Universal Rules.


Henry is a studied master of the universe, far more dignified than Hugh and the only one qualified to be James’ right arm.

The wisdom of the spiritual world is his passion, with no regard for Society’s role or Hugh’s jealous antics. Henry and James respond to each other before words are spoken.

Intensely loyal, Henry’s veins abide the flow of the Brotherhood.  His seductive determination is an addictive quality the Sisterhood will do anything to know.  But Kathryn is different.

Henry’s manifest destiny is to learn the Rules of Denial, for the greater good of course.  It’s what he teaches the women.  But Henry must deny the illusive and distracting whispers of his Creative Voice to show he’s worthy to know the most sacred Universal Rule.

Defender of the Universal Rules, Henry is exposed by another’s secret gifts, skipped steps of a past life catching up, wielding a karmic weapon no defense can bear. 

The Creative Gift can awaken the Creative Voice but is not dependent on it.  The Creative Voice lies in wait, tests with our decisions.


Keenly aware, Tom battles Society’s toughest Rules, those of The Brotherhood.  Shunned by his brothers, he redefines what is meant by Sisterhood through his role at BSL, teaching the Rules of Courage.

Believed to be closer to Kathryn than all the others, Tom anticipates her moves, which is exactly what James wants or so he thought.

Tom’s heroism flares with thoughts of slights unseen, preventing doom but at times, with decisive uncertainty.   Courage to go against the Rules of Society, the ‘hoods’ and those of the self are required by one’s Creative Voice but do not guarantee Exuberant Joy.


Samuel hears lots of voices but can’t decipher which is Divine, delusional, illusive or allusive.

Clearly not of this universe, Samuel rewrites the Universal Rules to fulfill lifetimes of interrupted desires.  Dropping onto life’s grand playground, the noise of other’s Rules drowns Samuel’s starry Creative Voice.  An artist in a financial institution, he’s never fit the mold he was born into, a victim of Society’s pompous huff and dictums.

Corruption and courage are at odds over Samuel’s lack of decorum. Forced into the war, William Leighton is Samuel’s hero but Samuel’s errant ways, cause William’s death.  Breaking Universal laws but not held accountable by Society’s Rules, Samuel changes his story, the line of right and wrong is both allusive and inconvenient.

Society’s Rules aren’t rules, only a convenience to ease the screams of our inner voice.


Here to heal the universe of its inherent flaws, Elaine will start with Kathryn.

Elaine is master of her Creative Voice but lacks in execution. Well-aware of how Sisters are expected to behave, early access to the Brotherhood taught her how to tip a patriarchal world off its axis and how women can claim victory and world dominance.

Unsympathetic to the plight of those who are delusional, Elaine runs over all the Chosen Ones to make her way, to pay her debt to destiny, to repent what she did when she was too naive to understand.

Elaine is a sister in the Brotherhood’s Rules, there to expose its secrets.  Society and the Universe are dependent on those who, like herself, able to reason out the inconvenient Rules of the B-Tech Brotherhood and those at play in the BSL Brotherhood.  The promise of joy is a childhood fantasy, the weakest link to be eliminated.  God opens doors and Elaine is pioneering her path so she can arrive on the cover of Newsweek as the most powerful and successful female executive in the world and to teach Kathryn how the job of independence is done…perfectly.


Enlightening the world to the Rules of The Brotherhood is John’s Creative Gift.

Except he got hold of the wrong book.

As a man, it’s clear he is a Chosen One so he’ll change the Rules to create his Exuberant Joy. A believed master of the Universal Rules, John is determined to set the world and its women right with The Brotherhood of Intellectual Love (BOIL).

But the Sisters don’t lay down.  John’s Creative Gift isn’t fueled by his more chivalrous Creative Voice. The Rules of Emotion control the volume and John’s world explodes when Rules of the Sister and Brotherhood pop the bubble of BOIL leaving many similar minds shamefully exposed.

The choice of hearing one’s Creative Voice and knowing their Creative Gift is a battle between the divine and illusive emotions: the six and eleven.


The finger of Creativity points to a simple way, but Jason’s karmic rebellion brews inside, righting wrongs that humanity won’t let be forgotten.

Jason’s tumultuous childhood taught him the Universe is generous and kind for those who have a vision and make the choices.

Sacrificing his Creative Gift for what his adoptive father has called him to do, his days crawl until a young intern, Kathryn Winslow arrives. For reasons unknown, he must know her; destiny tangled between fantasy and desire.

Jason is in search of something more than contentment and happiness in life, but he doesn’t believe in a Creative Voice. Individual Rules test the will of our integrity.  Truth lies in the thread of the wheel and the choice to be honest.


Like Kathryn, Sloane refuses to abandon her childhood dreams, but unlike Kathryn, Sloane is a master of Society’s Rules. Sloane and James have an intuitive understanding. They share a love of strategic games, of commanding the universe and the desires that feed it; a kingdom for a jealous world to admire.  And like Kathryn, Sloane also keeps a journal, but it’s contents aren’t filled with pages of self-analysis, and if her forbidden entries were ever found, it would be the end of she and James.

Strategically keeping Louisa as her best friend, Sloane may have drafted the rules of the Sisterhood in a previous lifetime, but this time, the Universe is forcing Sloane to author a different set of Rules. Sloane’s may be using elements of her Gift, but without the Creative Voice, it is a slave to Society’s rules. 


France’s national monument to womanhood, Eva will teach the Chosen One just how the Rules of the Sisterhood are played.  Soft or loud, classical or rock, Eva is at the controls, a firm believer that Exuberant Joy comes from what you experience and convinced she and James will make molds of exuberant joy for others to cast their hope from.

Eva knows her Creative Gift(s). Her command of the Sisterhood’s nine Rules is one of them. But Eva’s sense of security is threatened when James is suddenly unreachable. She knows he’s a busy man, she loves that about him, especially when he gets busy on her.

Using her ample Gift(s), Eva makes Sun Tzu’s Art of War look like Dick and Jane. She’ll get James, retire from real estate and start her next chapter in film and photography begun when she started documenting Bracket’s BOIL network, revealing secrets about the Rules of Desire.