The Thinker Behind the Thoughts

Exuberant Joy is a right to life!

  • I care deeply about our world and have great concerns for how we care for our planet. I’ll borrow a line from Carouselambra by Led Zeppelin, ‘take of the fruit, but guard the seed’.
  • Society’s tools of time and money have over-complicated what once was a simply divine design. Both are necessary, its the intention behind the use of those tools that differentiates Joy from Fear.
  • I am passionate about the ethical treatment of all animals, including humans. There is no hierarchy. The world is round; that’s a divine hint.  Hierarchies are Rules of Society.

We all have an all-knowing Creative Voice

And your Creative Voice knows all the answers needed to manifest the life of your dreams. But Society’s veneer tests our delusion.  We face a barrage of opinions each day; it’s hard to discern what is true to us. Fear, judgment and sensationalism sell.  Fear has its place but not as a motivator to make money or to manipulate. The Universal Rules hint at this.  If we want to stop the cycle, then we need to click only on what we feel is true to our unique values, what will grow love inside us. The universe will lay the breadcrumbs to your Creative Voice from there.

We are all born with a unique Creative Gift. 

It’s different than a talent and isn’t defined by any psychological test.  If it were only so easy; believe me, I’ve spent half my lifetime looking for the darn thing.  But I’ve found mine, and through my book series, I am Exuberantly Joyful to help you to find yours.  Here are things to ponder until The Rules of Life, The Art of War: A Woman’s Guide (book nine) comes out,

  • My Creative Gift is a stronghold for:
    • Equal education for all children, inclusive of a profound respect for individual learning styles and creating the methods to serve them.
    • The compassionate care of our elderly, our Vets, and the orphaned in all of our animal kingdom.
    • The end of human trafficking in all forms.
    • Healing our environment

We are all The Chosen One.

In our worldview is something unique to us, it grows love in this world in a way no one else can do.  There is no hierarchy of importance; that’s a societal illusion, delusion. The world is round.

  • Equality is a right of life.  And if we have to define the journey of equality for women in a societal bucket then yes, call me a feminist.  But maybe by the time Book 8 is on the shelves, our world will have made its shift from a patriarchal (hierarchical) view to matriarchal (inclusive) view. The Art of War, A Woman’s Guide will illuminate the hidden gems that Sun Tzu’s male-centric view failed to capture.  And maybe, just maybe we can stop investing our time and money defending our view and learn to see the world through another’s eyes with peace in our hearts.

There’s a voice behind our thoughts. It whispered but I didn’t listen

But then I was catapulted into action

So what are my world views?