The Launch into Action

Grey pea coat thrown over my pajama’s, my 13-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter hurled themselves into the van and we began our morning race to school.

My daughter in the back and my son in the passenger seat, we sat at the traffic light at Edmonson Pike; time 7:08am.  My fingers clenching the steering wheel, I watched the clock, the traffic light, the clock, the light.  My son began telling me something which I’ve long forgotten but he used one of his dad’s often repeated stories as an opening.

“Oh god, your father’s story again?” My blue eyes rolled and flashed to my son.

He quickly retorted with like humor, “But mom, you have no stories.”

The light changed.  He went on with his story but I was frozen in mine.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been more comfortable exploring the inner world of my thoughts on my own.  Interacting or explaining them to others wasn’t worth the battle.

It is my deep belief that children teach us more than we teach them.  Time plays its tricks and makes us think we adults are smarter but children are closer in time to the source which holds the truth of this journey we call life.

On the way home, I realized I had neglected to let my kids know who the thinker of the thoughts was behind this play of daily life.  I was leaving it to their interpretation, like I had with my brother.  Children are here to teach us and frequently, it’s what our Creative Voice is trying to tell us but that we’re not ready to learn.

I went home that day and began a journey that has turned into an open book for my children to see the soul behind the thoughts, the one that is here to do life’s work and hopefully leave the world a bit more joyful as a result.  Yes, life is difficult and then you die but the rules we live by are a choice.  We create life’s battle between the illusive 6 and 11 (hint: they’re not rules) on our own, our victories or losses are here to guide us.  We simply have to learn their language so we can navigate toward exuberant joy.

Fear and its friend hatred travel in our world at break-net speeds, permeating our thoughts to create a chaotic frenzy of actions.  Our communication mediums are tools for the nine societal rules. Society’s tools of time and money beat into us a lack of trust in the nine Universal rules, hammering at our faith. Fear is used to keep us attached to the communication money machines that permeate our civilization.  We’re listening to the wrong network.

We’re all the Chosen One’s with a unique set of rules that unlock the truths we seek in the carnage, the dust of our self-induced battles, our evolution.  I’ve shared mine openly with my children through my book.  I’m sure they’ll testify to seeing them at work.  Children teach us humility while illuminating the nine rules of Love.

There’s a voice behind our thoughts. It whispered but I didn’t listen

Who is the thinker behind the thoughts?

So what are my world views?