Your Parental Worldviews

The six covert Rules we adopt by age four

Choices form and the spark must learn the Rules to survive but not forget the purpose of its arrival: to bring light.

The Parental World Views are not always taught by our parents, but these ‘life lessons’ fall and stick to become the covert controlling levers in every decision we make, bringing us closer or further away of what we want.

We’re here to master the lessons between The Six Words, defining the battles of our choices in writing the story of our life.

We create our ideal body or we don’t, we find love or we don’t, we go after our true desires or settle for less, we are the victim or we are victorious.

The Parental World Views are not ‘bad’; we learn more from what we don’t achieve than by what we do achieve.  Fortunately, the Creative World Views are the divine thread to the Creative Voice within each of us that knows all the answers, if we would just learn to listen.

And if that isn’t enough, the Universe and Society have their own Creative and Parental World Views, and they’re not what you think.  The Divine, or Creativity has a sense of humor.