a winding course to our soul's truth…or not

We’re all obsessed about finding or having something. Kathryn is obsessed with finding her ideal career, her unique Creative Gift. It’s her key to an exuberantly joyful life and one that guarantees she’ll never be dependent on a man.

In The Rules of Life series, we go inside Kathryn’s thoughts to experience the test of her Rules and the space that exists between the choices we make, what is:

  • Illusive or illustrative
  • Delusion or allusion
  • Distraction or Divine

Life is a schoolyard playground, our victories and battles shaped by unknown challenges of the Rules we’re divinely given and those we adopt by age six.

Then, leaving the womb of family, the game of life forces our Individual Rules to submit to something bigger, testing our internal navigation, driving us to love or to despair.

Our Creative Gift can become ensnared by Society’s Rules, using time and money as it’s most powerful tools to teach it’s Rules.

A lack of or abundance of either isn’t an indication of winning or losing the game. That would be delusional…or possibly divine.

The Universal Rules are illusive yet illustrative, the battle between the six and eleven emotions is the fuel of our universe, propelling us to find faith in an endless more or fear and despair in our Chosen One view.

Infinite Creativity holds the plan, watching with a humored yet compassionate eye as the Rules of Society and our own tangle our divine power, testing our adherence to the master plan, the divine game board and instructions.

When we tune in, we access the nine ‘laws’, the Creative Voice within.

It’s all so simple, yet we make it so complex.  We doubt.  Is what we’re listening to divine or are we distracted?  Are we on an allusive or delusional path to simple happiness?  Is what we’re doing illusive or illustrative of our unique Creative Voice, our purpose in life, our pursuit of a life of Exuberant Joy?