The Chosen One

Kathryn believes we are all the Chosen Ones, equal in power and knowledge to create the life of our dreams.

But the path to Exuberant Joy is life’s test, a minefield of choices to use our Creative Gift. And our quickest source to power is our all-knowing Creative Voice.

But what if the Gift we have doesn’t match the lifestyle we chose, the money we want? Must our purpose make a grand impact? Is there a hierarchy in life or a golden ticket? Is certain Gifts more valued in the eyes of Creativity?

Like you, each character in The Rules of Life series has a unique outlook on being a Chosen One.  Maybe one of their views describes yours:

  • “Chosen Ones have insights others don’t. We’re smarter.”
  • “We choose and you haven’t been chosen.”
  • “Chosen Ones suffer a destiny of delusive importance.”
  • “The Chosen Ones are men, dear.”
  • “You scrape and crawl your way into being a Chosen One.”
  • “You just need to bloody choose!”