Society's Rules

Leaving the womb of family, the game of life forces our Individual Rules to submit. Our Creative Gift ensnared by Society’s Rules, our internal navigation is tested, taking us on and off course, driving us to love or to despair.

Time and money are Society’s most powerful tools to teach its Rules. A lack of or abundance of either isn’t an indication of winning or losing the game. That would be delusional…or possibly divine.

Society’s Childish World Views

(The CWV’s open Creativity’s infinite expanse to grow love and compassion)

  1. Appearances matter, cry
  2. See the pretty patterns?
  3. Are you sure?

Society’s Parental World Views

(The PWV’s test and confine the potential of Creativity)

  1. Don’t get caught
  2. Appearances matter, cough
  3. Trust no one
  4. Careful!  You’ll fall!
  5. It’s all in the brushstroke
  6. What were you thinking?

Society’s Rules work differently when interpreted through the eyes of the  Sisterhood or the Brotherhood

The Brotherhood Rules – coming in Book 3 The Sisterhood Rules – coming in Book 8