Discover Your Hidden Rules

Our Rules, like really bad Musak, play quietly behind our choices and decisions. 

Those Rules drown out the Creative, all-knowing Voice within.


Isn’t intuition the all-knowing voice?


No. Intuition is a sense; the inner voice is a knowing. They speak a different language.


So how can I find my Rules and all-knowing voice?


In my novel series, I’ve laid a breadcrumb trail on Kathryn’s journey as her Rules play havoc with her choices.

I also show the Creative, all-knowing voice at work. Kathryn, like many of us, is just having problems with the volume dial.

Before I knew

Before I knew my Rules, I was struggling to find my next step in life.

Something was holding me back.

Doubt and fear were in an internal dialog so subtle and deep, that my feet were anchored by their clasp.

Maybe if I’d have had a psychic friend like Kathryn had in Charlotte, then I could have found my way.

But psychic tools can’t find the Rules.

Like Kathryn, we have to ask the questions and listen for the answer, decoding the language of our all-knowing voice.

The moment of discovery

In 2013, a flash of humored insight revealed my Rules.

But the humor faded over the days as I realized the control they had over my life, limiting my view, my power and the thresholds offered.

Had it not been for that all-knowing voice inside, I may have remained ignorant of the power of those Rules.

The insight started a journey I never could have imagined. I never aspired to write novels or share my innermost thoughts.


How these Rules differ

Our Rules are unique to us, framing what we’ll see, and what we refuse to see, the paths we understand and those we can’t comprehend.

These Rules are tied to our soul’s intention, creating the tension to inspire growth.

These Rules apply only to you.

My hope through writing the novel series is to give others an adventure through another set of eyes, so we can get down to the business of growing love in our world, which is Universal Rule #1.