My Creative and Parental Worldviews

My Creative World Views

 1. Look at all the sparkly things, I want some too!

2. Be nice

3. There’s always hope (So put on those rose-colored glasses, because baby this place is bright!)


My Parental World Views

1. There are no guarantees. In other words, hold on sister, this is one hell of a ride. You need a degree to secure a steady job with excellent benefits … (so you never return was always just implied).

2. Life isn’t a fairytale. People who believe those miracle stories are suckers who can’t handle the truth of their drab existence and unexceptional selves so they live in some ‘other world’. Don’t waste your time. It belittles your intelligence.

3. Women don’t need men. Men want to use you. Women are baggage to be towed and opened occasionally. All sexual innuendos intended.

4. Be happy with what you’re given. Don’t want for more, it’s greedy and will lead to disappointment. See PWV #2.

5. Don’t make mountains out of molehills. You’re small in this world and well frankly, not important. Special roles are reserved for exceptional people and you’re not one of them. See PWV number 1 and 6 for detail. And finally,

6. Life is difficult and then you die. Survival is the only measure of success in this game; those worried about happiness are simply delusional.

Disclaimer of Parental Guilt: Parents, teachers and other authority figures are not responsible for your Rules.

No Excuses Disclaimer: There’s no blame for all the glorious suffering you bring upon yourself through your Rules. Your Parental World Views are divine and aligned with your soul’s purpose. So are your Creative World Views.  Both provide brush strokes in making the art of beautiful, well-lived life.