Exuberant Joy

On a personal note, my husband doesn’t get the concept of Exuberant Joy. Isn’t happiness good enough? No.

Kathryn, like me, believes Exuberant Joy is a right to life. It takes a lot to get my brand of optimism down. It’s not drug-induced if that’s your next question. And for the question after that, no, I don’t think they can bottle it. It’s uncontainable joy but not irritatingly so, at least for most. Like water, it forms to the container.

So how do you find the path to Exuberant Joy? You’ll need to wait for book nine, The Rules of Life: The Art of War – A Woman’s Guide. Author Kathryn Winslow will spell it out.

Until then, what is your view of Exuberant Joy? What does it look like? Is it sustainable and if so, for how long? Is happiness good enough? What is the difference between joy and happiness?

Don’t go running to Webster’s dictionary, listen to your Voice while reading some of the views of my characters:

  • Exuberant joy is earned. (Ugh, just typing that is depressing)
  • Exuberant joy is expecting too much.
  • Exuberant joy is only for rich people.
  • Exuberant joy is an illusion to make others jealous.
  • Exuberant joy is in serving others.