The Creative Voice

I can just hear it now. No, not the Creative Voice, but those who wonder if I’ve lost my sanity.

Look, it’s not like a TV announcer shouting at you. But it isn’t intuition either. Either way, some will attest to knowing something like a Creative Voice and others will quickly denounce it as delusional.

The answers to all of life’s problems are inside us but the Rules keep messing with the volume dial.

Our Individual Rules are ropes on an obstacle course, Society’s Rules use time and money to keep us from hearing the coach, the Universal Rules. And those Universal Rules are deliberately vague, subject to interpretation through our Individual Rules leaving us mentally and emotionally exhausted!

The journey to know the Creative Voice is riddled with twists and turns, delusion and allusion.  We’re here to learn how to tune in and use it, but by our own hand. That said, the Creative Voice isn’t the Monday Morning Quarterback or the back seat driver. It’s an ‘in-the-moment’ kind of thing and its wealth of knowledge is at our command, if we choose to listen.

So, do you believe in a Creative Voice like Kathryn, or do you subscribe to another character’s view?

  • “There is no Creative Voice, we’re here to figure life out, to trust ourselves.”
  • “Which one of the voices I’m hearing would you consider creative?”
  • “The Creative Voice is God and we’re here to serve, follow.”
  • “No dear, it’s listening to your heart.”
  • “Are you crazy? Just do what makes sense.”