Your Unique Creative Gift

Kathryn believes we all have a Creative Gift that guarantees a life of Exuberant Joy.

The Gift isn’t a talent, nor is it our purpose in life.

It’s a gem buried in our outlook, it’s how we deal with life, expressing how we think and feel in a way that no one else can, no matter how privileged.

Kathryn is determined to make a career out of her Gift, a guarantee of financial freedom from any man.

Are we told our Creative Gift but forget it when we’re born, overcome by the noise of life?

Why do some search and others ignore it?


Each character in my series holds a unique view on one’s a Creative Gift, what’s yours?

  • “We all have a gift. Some are smaller and yes, size matters.”
  • “It’s just doing whatever you need to do to get what you want.”
  • “That’s total rubbish.”
  • “We may have a gift, but it can be a hobby you know.”
  • “Wait, does there just have to be one?”