Book 9: The Rules of Life By Kathryn Winslow

If they only taught this stuff in school, if we knew from the get-go, if we listened, then the world would be exuberantly joyful, lighting universes beyond. But discovering our Individual Rules is part of the journey.

Using the rainbows of post-it notes from her beloved White Wall, Kathryn looks back into dreams, thoughts and insights found as she mends the threads of her wheel, revealing why we are all the Chosen Ones and how to access the omniscient, benevolent and deceptive Creative Voice that knows one’s unique Creative Gift. But James is who he is and he can be so very distracting …


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You are the Chosen One, and this is my Creative Gift to you, to help you find that all-knowing voice within and create a life of exuberant joy!

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