Book 8: The Art of War – A Woman’s Guide

Book eight opens when an innocent comment from Kathryn’s son sets off a violent storm within. In the middle of a vehemently contested and very public divorce, Kathryn at 50, is the shell of the woman she once dreamed she would be. Individual, Societal and Universal Rules implode at the chicanery of her once divine Creative Voice that tested her with wrong turns and delusions forcing inhumane sacrifices.  But Elaine is overjoyed. There is no flight from life, no matter what or who’s Rules you live by. Drafted chapters from Kathryn’s The Art of War: A Woman’s Guide, avenge gnawing truths of her Chosen role in the hostile takeover, the BOIL and SOIL networks and the Rules we unknowingly live by.

Incomprehensible losses flood the chasms of grief, discovering the years of his lies.  Tangled by deceit, Kathryn can’t reconcile the life she’s created. Her Rules discovered, she breaks them all, abandoning her children, her life. The truths of the Ministry, her father and James gives birth to an anger, a power that fails to integrate the masterful plan of the omniscient Sisterhood she knows.  Jealous rages threaten from all sides, fueled by the other’s Rules, of Beth and Eva, Arianna and Sloane, Bronwyn and Louisa, all aware of the secrets James holds. Sun Tzu tips his hat to Kathryn.

Her petition under heavy guard by the Ministry and others, it’s clear Scott and Jason knew more. The heat of BOIL’s revenge fuels as BSL implements its landmark network hailing the work of The Ministry. And Bracket’s release from prison is a foreboding of Societal and Universal Rules yet to be tested.

But Hugh won’t let Kathryn fall to the Brotherhood’s stratagem, be it by man or woman.  Besought by Charlotte’s treason, Hugh is the only one who knows, but if it were not for Henry’s discerning eye, Kathryn would have no hope. Those once close are thrust from Kathryn’s inner circle, James is destroyed by treasons of his own. But a frantic call turns her will into a divine test and Tom’s emotionally-fueled plea to beware cringes under the disciplined faith of James. Henry’s defection is incomprehensible, and Arianna’s target in sight, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War takes on new forms and colors. Truths of Eva’s SOILed network are exposed as are the journals of many Chosen One’s.  Universal forces exact their revenge for slights seen and unseen.

The Creative Voice whispers its truths, trickery testing her insights against the poles of true knowledge. One can over shout and control the other. The Universal Rules hold the truth but if it were that easy, life would be a fairytale for everyone. She can’t let him go, let it end like this.


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