Book 7: The Rules of the Universe

Karmic wounds lie open in a circle of souls, bleeding rivers of time from 1856 to 2006 where Society’s pragmatic Rules choke at allusive Universal guides. Only free will is certain.  A soul’s journey reaps or burns its karmic seeds sown, changing fate and the course of humanity. In book seven, Kathryn’s life changes under the will of something more powerful than time can hold.

How did she get herself into this mess, so far off course but no end in sight? Succumbing to haunting whispers, Kathryn stumbles upon secret papers.  She’s married into a lie. Her color-coded Post-it notes exceed the expanse of her Wall, patterns of her thoughts emerge revealing secrets of an unknown, untested universal language.  Worlds apart, Kathryn is a true friend regardless of Louisa’s hateful ways. Giving way to her Rules, Louisa is amazed at what Kathryn reveals and in her maddening enthusiasm, forces a reluctant Kathryn placed in a starring role.  Anxious to set Sloane straight, Charlotte’s Exuberant Joy is on fire in her new role, but is living her Creative Gift enough to face her greatest fears in life?

Dismantling BOIL lands Bracket back in prison, setting loose a sinister army on Kathryn.  Overcome with guilt and rage, James refuses Tom’s counsel on Elaine, her ploys driving them apart. Taking over the secret corridors of The Ministry, James will find the killer, finish the work started by The Colonel, Caroline, Gwen and William and find out who is behind the leaks of The Ministry work.  But Tom’s counterplan to Elaine goes horribly wrong.

James’ natural ease and preference to women tests all loyalties and threatens his marriage. Demanding and devoted, Elaine salts the wound of Kathryn’s misshapen journey. At the helm of the BSL global takeover, Elaine is spearheading the technology The Ministry needs while removing the debris in B-Tech and probing into The Ministry leaks and controlling the Sisterhood that begs for James’ throne.  Desperate to outwit Sloane, Eva’s SOIL network doesn’t suffer BOIL fate, Sisters versus Brothers, she knows how to frame James.  But Bronwyn rules the Universal work with an iron fist, her uncanny ability to see beneath the mirrored surfaces placing Eva, Sloane and the boys in hot water; only one person knows how to manipulate James.   

Bronwyn and James watch BOIL fall from their secret location in France.  He’s aware of Kathryn’s gifts, his private visits to her White Wall a reminder of what they had.  Bronwyn and James have the information to redirect the wars our souls ache to resolve.  But the Colonel and others gone with Samuel’s secret still on their tongues, it’s unclear how much was revealed about The Ministry work, how much humanity’s virus has spread.

Kathryn’s life falling apart, forcing Henry, Tom and a cavalier Scott into lead roles. Baring confessions of his own, a rash and argumentative Scott catches Tom off guard, whisking Kathryn back to the States with a comatose Charlotte and devilish Henry as co-conspirators, pushing James close to killing him.  Each souls Rules converge into events no guide to war has mastered. Desperate, the circle of women and voices who have raise her upheaves and Kathryn’s dream foretells the fall, her hope and faith in a Universe is no longer divine, no grace in its Rules

 Universal Rules test our own to reveal the truth or deceptions in our choices. What is the complex mix in the dynamic and volume of the Creative Voice?


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