Book 6: The Rules of Society

In book six, karmic seeds of 19th century London entwine and the Rules Kathryn has adopted for this lifetime find the souls who hunt her again. Society’s Rules still snap to the language of time and money, hammering our faith and twisting our delusions.  The hostile takeover in the past, and the emerging BOIL network still simmering, her family’s role is unclear and Kathryn is a target of cruel gossip.

Exhausted managing two careers, eerie events test Kathryn’s hold on life, fueling her search for the delusional or the divine Creative Voice. Reaping the rewards after years of dismissing Kathryn’s insights, Charlotte is sharing her Gift with the world, her psychic tools lighting the dimwitted, avenging Beth’s open sisterhood with Eva and lighting a fire to Scott’s intimate alliance with Sloane.

Now head of BSL’s newest acquisition, Elaine guards her beloved James against enemy forces around the world.  But undeterred, Kathryn’s prowess thrusts her onto a global stage, leaving a dismayed Sisterhood aghast when Louisa suddenly switches sides to manage the growth and publicity caused by Kathryn’s work. An only child who held the Rule book in her home, Arianna is on a new playground now and this solicitor-turned-barrister is rewriting Society’s Rules to get rid of insidious Americans like Kathryn.

Kathryn never asked for a man to protect her, but Henry is at her side, Hugh nudging in uninvited, determined to seize the destruction caused by Eva and Sloane’s ambiguous Sisterhood.  And thanks to Sun Tzu, James is thriving on life’s stage, not revealing the doubt that plagues him, the fear of Kathryn discovering.  Though Bronwyn delights in a man’s ignorance, though she won’t let The Ministry fall to it. Guarding the Universal answers held on Kathryn’s White Wall, Bronwyn pressures the Colonel: BOIL must be taken down now. But the Colonel wants conclusive data. The lives at stake are the sacrifice we must make to know how to control the masses with the Universal codes, unaware there are grander Rules at play.

Bracket’s desires and hostility creatively controlled, prison gives him time to think; Ben was a mistake. It’s a bit of a PR mess, but nothing Winslow can’t manage. Bracket is reading up on things and meeting new people; prison really isn’t about reforming one’s outlook, it’s about getting time to focus, to test one’s outlook against other Rules. But Henry has lots of connections in the prison system, around the world in fact, who are keeping a watchful eye, aware Bracket is still running BOIL from his new address.

Society is at battle, the language of time and money deceiving us all, concealing yet to be named emotions that heal. Our Rules of language suffocate the ability to know one’s Creative Voice, to respond to the Soul’s plan leading us to Exuberant Joy.  Life conforms to one’s Chosen outlook.


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