Book 5: The Rules of War

In book five, Kathryn is living a life she never wanted. But Souls journey through lifetimes, the ring of time compelling us to know our  universal power or lead us off the cliff of earthly distractions. Time is a rule of the human mind but in no way divine, casting doubt and judgment on Universal hints leading us away from a soul’s Chosen journey, our Exuberant Joy.

Hostilities reach a public platform, sacrifice is asking too much.  Was it moment of inspiration, the Creative Voice begging her change her course or was it just wishful thinking? Guilt makes Kathryn’s days unbearable. Whispers from James’ past haunt her ear, force decisions and confuse her steps through tangled strands of time.  Now 30, others insist she’s found her Gift, but inside, she’s sacrificing her needs to fit what life has given. Questioning her sanity, nascent mumblings from soul’s test Kathryn’s idea of fate. Hidden fears and talents are expressed or not, on a societal stage the universe controls but only through our chosen outlook.  Is this the plan?

Elaine at the helm of B-Tech and John Bracket in prison, Kathryn’s life is a tortured reminder. BSL is a world leader and James’ life is beyond recognition, a shell of the man he used to be but what wars within him has yet to draw territorial lines. Executed with world-class precision, The Ministry’s plan receives an unanticipated boost given access to Bracket’s BOIL network. A Sisterhood’s creative gift to procure her Chosen One status, Eva is not to be outdone, her own networks using those developed by Sloane and Scott, Charlotte and Kathryn, Bronwyn and The Colonel. Bracket admires Eva’s touch and Eva turns away from her observations to trust another’s, sucked down into the feeding lines of the BOIL network.  

Born with watchful eyes, the delivery room doctor debated putting Bronwyn back in. Her doctorate now in hand, The Ministry has other tests in mind.  Kathryn’s work is where she’s told her Creative Gift lies.  Her beloved journal abandoned to the rush of life, she waits out this phase for her true answer but searching through relics brings harrowing thoughts, Charlotte’s unconventional metaphysical tools revealing eerie reminders of thoughts and ‘knowings’ Kathryn once dismissed. Charlotte’s psychic antennae more finely tuned, she leads the charge of those trying to ruin Kathryn like Hugh, who at the top of his game, is expand BSL’s holdings. Jealous and competitive, Charlotte adds new chapters to The Rules of War that Kathryn is penning, stories of a young James, pictures of Caroline, William, Samuel and The Colonel revealing clues to lifetimes past that gnarl in Charlotte’s psyche.

Unaware of Kathryn’s plight, Scott unknowingly gives Sloane much-wanted ammunition as they grace the cover of Entrepreneur, world recognition for a plan privately funded by The Colonel and Gwen, one uniquely positioning Sloane to be everything James needs. Tom an unwilling accomplice, a discontented and imaginative Henry watches James and Kathryn, skipped steps of a past life catching up, wielding a karmic weapon no defense can bear.

The Rules of War are not housed in nations; they are the fabric of Creativity, the yet-to-be-named emotions at play on the thread of one’s Chosen One journey.


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