Book 4: The Art of War, A Woman’s Guide – Artistry in Warfare

Book four opens where sands of time gather on shores long forgotten. Universal lessons are wished away, voices of past lives whisper in Kathryn’s ear, synchronicity tugging at her thoughts, confusing what Kathryn hears for herself.

The blow is cruel, but there’s no turning back.  Post-it notes fill her journal as life tests the doorways to her soul: divine or distracted, illusive or illustrative, allusion or delusion. Switching companies was a cheap illustration but the Universal Rules force clarity.  In 1993, Kathryn makes a life-altering decision by listening to many voices and it’s hard to discern which may be delusional, which were distractions or which ones, God forbid, could be divine.

Denial isn’t a strategy. Jason’s new role and interest in BSL are clear but Elaine isn’t openly venomous; a Sister’s weaponry is more artful. The taste of revenge still fresh in her mouth, her relationship with James assures BTech will soon be in her command.  But Jason’s karmic rebellion brews deep inside, he wants out but Ben won’t allow. There’s a new network unfolding and Leighton is playing a role.

Bracket’s emerging BOIL network, the Brotherhood of Intellectual Love, meets its square in Eva Simone’s SOIL.  A carefully coordinated chance meeting between Bracket and Eva gives him exclusive access to the life of the eminent James Leighton but Bracket fails to integrate subtle messages, the artistry the Sisterhood’s Rules provide. Still, a secret handshake is made, Eva’s reward of access will grow her holdings as Bracket takes on a world of women.

The arrow of her denial still bleeding in his soul, James’ world has changed yet still obedient to his ways.  His revenge is aimed at growing BSL, part of a larger scheme on his Chosen One for the diabolical to reveal and employ secret Universal codes of control, and Bracket falls right into plan.  Aware of Bronwyn’s tactics and Henry at James’ side, the emerging BOIL network and the Ministry target Kathryn as The Ministry’s secret weapon.

Unaware of her role in Kathryn’s past lives, Charlotte fails to heal Kathryn’s struggles by opening doors to James’ past. Absorbed, Kathryn’s new role in London society with Arianna and others, creates a suspicious handshake agreement of a karmic past.  But not for Samuel.  Uncomfortable what other papers exist, Samuel reveals Eva’s double-agent talents. The Sisterhood’s intellectual ruler smacked upon Samuel’s bottom, Charlotte tames his ruthlessness, slicing through his delusions and forcing him to admit truths behind his heroic Chosen One stories of James’ parents.

Kathryn is at war, the enemy illusive. The man’s guide to life, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, is only half the battle.  Perusing her journaled pages while captive, Kathryn assimilates her musings and insights, secrets dismissed when men took over, The Art of War, A Woman’s Guide.   A dutiful student, Kathryn is taking notes as seismic changes force a new direction. Is this the divine at work or a cruel retaliation, lifetimes in parallel, weaving souls and desires to manifest the Rules of this Universe.


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