Book 3: Sisterhood versus Brotherhood

Book three opens in 1989 and back in the States, The Rules of the Brotherhood prevail when a confused but hasty Jason lands in Elaine’s coveted position.

James deemed a distraction, and with a little experience under her belt, Kathryn is making changes.  She’s been delusional.  Life isn’t a fairytale, and Kathryn sacrifices her search for the ideal career, her divine Creative Gift.  Life is forcing decisions, but this time, Kathryn’s ready, crafting a set of Rules that close gaping holes in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. It’s Independence Day; she’s ready. The question is, is he?

Believing she’s in command of her career, the dog-eared pages of Kathryn’s journal’s lead to one conclusion: the ultimate guide to war and life has yet to be written.  Sun Tzu missed the battle for illusive yet benevolent Creative Voice that will reveal one’s Creative Gift and Chosen One status, guaranteeing a life of Exuberant Joy.  Asking thoughtful questions but only to herself, Kathryn takes careful notes, adding shine and optimism to catastrophic situations with Elaine and others, jotting insights into the Rules of the Sisterhood, testing for truths in The Art of War, A Woman’s Guide.

Notes on the Brotherhood’s Rules not escaping her view, super heroes and their powers don’t always work well together. Hugh’s iron-clad intuition and Henry’s six-pack mind war again with Hugh’s dream opportunity as Kathryn’s Chosen One at the 1989 World Communications Conference in France. But distraction meets desire when Eva arrives and gets hold of Kathryn.  France’s national monument to womanhood, Eva controls the dials of the Chosen One’s through the SOIL network she runs, a counterpart to Bracket’s BOIL, his Brotherhood of Intellectual Love. Kathryn is no match.

Along with others, Kathryn has changed when she returns from France.  Honorable yet manipulative and with childlike enthusiasm and strategy, Tom ups his game, disclosing his proprietary knowledge to help Kathryn navigate between delusional and divine.  But Kathryn’s growing sisterhood has her under watch. Sensing but not knowing, seeing but not asking, Beth dashes to London with hopes of making her own Creative Gift with Hugh or Henry come true. Kathryn’s life is just so exciting! But Charlotte’s metaphysical tool belt is no match for Beth or what the Divine has planned. Much to Beth’s irritation, Bronwyn, a born American but in the wrong country, has taken Kathryn under her armored wing.  A focal point for societal transformation, whether the subjects are willing or not, Bronwyn is equipping Kathryn to take on Eva, Arianna, Sloane and Louisa if Bronwyn doesn’t take them down first.

Charismatic in his new leadership role, Jason also stops in London, the changes in Kathryn igniting a controlled rebellion within. Charming and at ease, Jason won’t dismiss Sloane’s attacks on Kathryn, unlike Leighton, who disregards those battles for his slow brewing revenge on Bracket.  But James’ distraction is his delusion and the Rules of the Sisterhood take the Brothers to task, Samuel’s escapades at the heart of another plan to foil the secret networks James must build.


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