Book 2: Decorum and Desire

Deceived by her inner voice, Kathryn returns to Chicago, but the grief that threatens to swallow her whole is interrupted by a knock on the door.  Is life this easy or is it a mirrored door, an image barring access to the truth? Still searching for her ideal career, Kathryn has a gift of finding meaning where there sometimes is none, but channels her hope through her man’s guide to life, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.  Sun’s approach is amiss and Decorum teaches some hard lessons.  Frantic, how does she know for sure that she’s listening to the right thoughts?

Back in London but on dramatically different terms, Kathryn reunites with Charlotte, an overzealous soul who didn’t read the signs before dropping in on earth. Refusing to abide by his Rules, Charlotte lands in oceans of trouble with Mr. Leighton, but pinging on the unseen and unheard, Charlotte is determined to know, strangling Kathryn’s Exuberant Joy as she’s forced to keep secrets from her personal Oprah, something Gayle would never do.

Elaine knows a traitor when she sees one. Unconventional with a Talbot’s twist, Elaine is here to heal the universe of its inherent flaws; she’ll start with Kathryn.  But Elaine’s visionary impulses meet Tom, who is ghostwriter to the Sister and Brotherhood Rules at play.  Unaware of Jason’s role in exacting her revenge, Elaine comes under James’ wing, testing Kathryn’s decorum.

Unaware, but guilty and scorned, Hugh is anxious to mend his ways with tempest that is Kathryn. But a sinister synchronicity commands, and Hugh’s arch enemy Henry is in charge, keeping inconvenient truths from tarnishing James’ well-crafted plan to create the universal networks The Ministry demands.

But Henry can’t fend off a growling Sisterhood.  Uptight and unwound, Louisa’s world of Bible verses are lush grounds for transforming the most wicked pests who splatter the windows to her universe and anyone touching her brother James. There is one way to truth and she’s the flashlight. But the Guy Fawkes weekend at her estate turns into a bonfire of uncontrollable emotional flames, Samuel and his daughter Audrey stoking the fires, their nervous chatter revealing more about James than he’d ever reveal himself.

Guy Fawkes sparks fly to London and James’ legendary temper loses its hold when a critical pass between Henry and Hugh is lost and Eva arrives, curious what she’s learned from Elaine. Eva unleashes and London’s storm drains simmer, Kathryn and Eva unaware of the hidden tunnels below that feed into The Ministry and others who listen.  Aware he’s being manipulated, Bracket’s surprise visit toasts to the Rules of the Brotherhood, Kathryn is his.

Her Creative Gift still evasive, is this another test of will or a test of desire, a divine game of listening to the right or scripting the wrong? Desire is one of three elements of the illusive Rules controlling our choices, leading us to the joy of a Chosen One or back to integrate the things we refuse to learn.



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