Book 1: The Rules of Life

Their story begins in 19th century England, but it didn’t end there. Their love affair tragically severed, two souls meet again.

It’s 1988, and unaware of their karmic debris and the new rules at play, destiny does the backstroke to bring Kathryn and James together again. 

Just out of college, Kathryn hates her corporate job and the company president who won’t keep his hands off her. She must find another job, but not just any job. With the tactical brilliance of her Jane Austen heroines, Kathryn is determined to:

  1. Discover her Creative Gift (the divine talent and career that will make her the envy of all those mean girls!)
  2. Have everything she wants in life (without ever being dependent on a man, like her mother)
  3. To know her soul’s plan (because life just can’t be this difficult)

But life is a test between distraction and the divine. Kathryn’s job takes her to London where she succumbs to pompous Brit James Leighton, the prospective multi-million dollar client of her hands-on president. It’s Kathryn’s first romantic relationship. She’s unaware of the karmic debts and Universal Rules at play, let alone James’.

Certain of her boss’ watchful eye, Kathryn will lose her job if her relationship with James is discovered. In awe of divine timing, Kathryn stumbles across James’ copy of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. It’s a man’s guide to life! And just like a man, she’ll find her ideal career, make millions and be in total control of her life!

But on deeper investigation, it’s clear Sun missed a few things in the battles of a woman’s world. 

With an alchemist’s steady hand, fate brings Kathryn and James together to explore the Rules that bind our souls. And captured in her beloved journal, Kathryn’s search reveals insights into the covert language the all-knowing voice within all of us.

But how do we know our all-knowing voice within over the banter of our hidden Rules?

The Rules of Life series chronicles a woman’s journey through life’s inconceivable tests of fate to reveal what governs our choices; the rules of our Soul’s plan. Unable to understand the language of her inner voice, Kathryn acquiesces her plans to what she thinks may be divine suggestion. At 50, Kathryn’s world implodes. The voice she followed has deceived her. Forced to reconcile the life and family she’s created, does she continue the charade or abandon it all to follow the path revealed?

Life is a romance of mystical proportions. Underlying the novel series is a mystical self-help journey to discover the hidden rules that hold the key to the creative gift we alone carry and the covert language of our all-knowing voice within that fuels our journey and exuberant joy.

But how do we know our all-knowing voice within over the banter of our hidden Rules?

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You are the Chosen One, and this is my Creative Gift to you, to help you find that all-knowing voice within and create a life of exuberant joy!

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